[APK] Google updates its Play Store: Version 5.3.5 rolling out now

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Below are the most recent versions of Play Store:
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Google Play, which celebrated its third birthday a couple of days ago by offering discounted prices on content through out the store is about receiving an update as we speak. The new version of the app — which accounts for over a 100 billion searches every month — will have a couple of new UI features.

First off, the notification bar which until now persisted with the same greenish color at every place will change its hue depending upon the content being viewed — which is a useful little tweak, not to mention that it will enhance the overall look of the store. Secondly, while in the landscape mode the movie information cards — which up till now extended from edge to edge effectively blocking about half the screen — are ranged in the middle of the screen in the newest version of the app, thus freeing up space at the sides and allowing for a better viewing experience

Finally, the action bar, which stays at the top of the page when you scroll will now hide when while scrolling down and will reappear as soon as you start scrolling upwards, thus allowing for more content to fit the screen.

Watch snapshots of the new play store in action right below.

Play store

The color changing notification bar.


The shrunk information cards.


The disappearing action bar.

The update is already being dished out and should hit your device very soon. You can also download it from the link below:

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