Angry Birds Star Wars updated with 20 new Hoth levels. And Princess Leia!

The force is certainly getting stronger, at least as far as Rovio Mobile is concerned. Rovio has updated Angry Birds Star Wars to 1.1, and the new update unlocks the “Hoth” level which showed up in the original release with a “Free Update Coming Soon” tag in the original release version.

As promised, Rovio has made sure that the Hoth update has been made available for free, and has also ensured that it has come soon, in fact sooner than we imagined, considering the latest in the Angry Birds series was just released 3 weeks ago. The Hoth update brings you 20 brand new levels and a brand new character with brand new powers – Hail Princess Leia! Considering we had already met Luke, Obi Wan and Darth Vader earlier, it was about time Leia showed up. And hey, Rovio has even added some AT-ATs in the Hoth, for Leia to wreak carnage on with those laser beams she can shoot with her eyes,

For those not familiar with the term Hoth, it is a snow and ice blanketed planet which made an appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. And for those not familiar with Angry Birds Star Wars, hit the download button below to get it from the Google Play Store. And check out this video below while it downloads.

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