Android truck reaches Lenovo, Vibe X2 to host the Lollipop soon

Finally!! After more than 7 months since the release of Android Lollipop, it seems like the prayers of Lenovo owners have been answered with the company deciding to make the latest OS available for its smartphones in the form of an update.

Lenovo has always been slow on the uptake as far as software refurbishment are concerned — the KitKat update similarly took months to arrive — and the Lollipop version follows at a time when most other major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony etc. have already provided and forgotten about the update months ago.

Be that as may, we are simply glad that the update is finally here. The announcement came through twitter where the Middle East wing of the company indicated that the Vibe X2 will be the first Lenovo device to host the Lollipop through a post stating that the update will likely start rolling out from the 27th of the next month.


The choice of the Vibe X2 as the maiden device to host the Lollipop is certainly a good one with the device sporting 2 GB of RAM along with a MediaTek MT6595m processor and 32 GB of internal storage. The X2 which was launched back in 2014 at the IFA also boasts of a non generic approach to appealing looks with its layered system and is bound to receive a boost in popularity with the newest addition.

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As to which other devices will receive the latest android, the A5000, A6000, P70, Vibe Z2 and Vibe Z2 Pro make the list however, we do not have any information on when — and also if — the other Lenovo smartphones will receive the Lollipop.

While the actual update is still well over a month away, it is certainly a relief to know that Lenovo will be offering the update to its consumers for certain.

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Source: Twitter

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