Android Nougat now rolling out to Verizon Galaxy Tab S2

Verizon Galaxy Tab S2

Verizon is now rolling out a new software update to the 2016’s Galaxy Tab S2 variant over-the-air.

Arriving with the software version NRD90M.T818VVRU1BQE1, the update installs the Android Nougat OS on the tablet which brings it all the Nougat goodies alongside a much simpler and cleaner UI.

Needless to say, now you will be able to utilize the multi-window split screen mode for better multitasking. You can activate it simply by pressing the recent apps button and then the split screen view option.

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Also, the enhanced battery saving mode helps you squeeze more battery life from the tablet. You can also switch between medium and maximum power saving modes depending on your requirement. Besides, the App Power Monitor detects the apps that have been inactive and still using the battery by default and puts them in sleep mode to further extend the battery life.

There’s also a new Effects preview mode in camera app which, as the name itself suggests, lets you preview all the available effects while capturing a moment. Further, you can also download effects other than the ones that come pre-installed based on your taste.

Verizon Galaxy Tab S2

And finally, the new OTA brings an updated keyboard which offers better language predictions.

As usual, connect your tablet to a stable Wi-Fi network before hitting that download button. This will save you from additional (and unnecessary) data charges.

Source: Verizon

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