Android 6.0 Marshmallow Known Issues and Bugs with Fixes as available

We’re so far impressed with Marshmallow, it’s new features and how smooth it is in overall operations. It’s a real delight to already use Android 6.0 update already on our Nexus devices, with 6.0 root and all.

Even though Android 6.0 is quite good, you can still face some issues with it, which may not be issues really but just, you know, requiring getting to know with new features in Marshmallow update and such.

And there may be some bugs too.

We’re accumulating a list of such nagging issues with their fixes here, if any available, along with bugs found so far. If you know one or two, fee free to contribute via comments section below, we’d love to know what you have discovered.

Marshmallow Issues/Bugs

1. Facebook messenger can’t show Chat heads like in Lollipop or earlier version of Android

Well, that’s just one tick in the Settings and you will have the your Facebook chat heads back. It’s not an issue per say, because it’s a built-in safeguard for extended battery life, by disallowing apps to redraw over apps currently running in foreground, without explicit permission to do so.

To fix this, head into Settings > Apps > Settings under Apps), and now tap on ‘Draw over other apps’ and select the messenger app to allow it to draw over any other apps. If you are using SwipePad or similar apps, you may need to do this.

2. Swipe up from Home button to access Google Now is not working

That’s not an issue either. You have a new feature that is actually a highlight feature of Android 6.0 update, Now On Tap. You have to hold the Home button for a second or two and that will set Now On Tap in motion. You can now tap on Google log to access Google now.

But if you want to disable the Now On Tap, and bring back swiping up to access Google now directly, you can do so in Google Now settings bu turning off Now On Tap. But you know, you’re going back to Lollipop as far as Google Now is concerned.

3. Wi-Fi running on even after it’s disabled

Well, you can disable it, and then it won’t run in background like it’s doing now. Head into Settings > Location settings, and disable the always-allow settings from there.

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