Alleged Motorola device with possible 5-inch+ screen spotted. Think it could be Moto X+1?

The picture you’re looking above is allegedly hinted to be a Motorola device. There is no visible sign of Motorola on the device in picture, I’ll agree to that. But evleaks, who’s a trusted source of leaks in the Android blogoshpere was tipped this picture. So we’re going to have faith in this.. that it’s a Motorola device.

Anyway, the device in the picture above looks tall and is probably wearing a case. We’d guess that it’s probably 5-inches+. Also, it has on-screen navigation bar which falls in line of Motorola’s current Android devices.

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Moto X+1 in the making. And the “+1” here could mean a bigger form factor (maybe). I’m not saying this (but maybe) this device is THE MOTO X+1.

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via @evleaks

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