Acer working on AcerCloud 2.0 service and 5 new Android phones with personal cloud services

Acer is planning on expanding its existing cloud service available currently to users of Android handsets, to also support Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS platform, as well as extending support to European markets. Not a bad move considering the popularity of iOS and the likelihood of a high adoption rate with the Windows Phone 8 platform. However, Acer would definitely face some stiff competition from already established players who have their own personal cloud services – Google with Google Drive, Apple with iCloud, and stand-alone players like Dropbox and Box, who have been in the cloud storage space for a while and have evolved to maturity over a period of time.

Acer is also working on launching 5 new entry-level and mid-level Android handsets, integrated with the new AcerCloud 2.0 service. The new handsets would be follow-ups to its existing Liquid series which was launched a couple of years ago. In an already crowded Android handset market, dominated by the likes of Samsung and HTC, and with a variety of high-end as well as budget handsets slated for release over the next few months and 2013, it would be interesting to see how Acer fares with its new offerings, both on the hardware as well as the cloud service front.

Give a choice between an Acer, Samsung and HTC Android handset, assuming all were at the same price, which one would you prefer to buy?