A rare Xiaomi Mi6 found in the wild

A very interesting device from Xiaomi has come out of the blue. At first glance, it looks like the Xiaomi Mi6, but on closer inspection, you may notice that the flash is missing. Now, we all know that the Mi6 is the flagship from the Chinese OEM.

So, when the flagship has its flash removed, this either makes us think that the company is crazy or pure brilliant. We’ve already seen what Xiaomi is capable of in terms of innovation when the bezel-less Mi Mix was released. Does this mean that Xiaomi has a secret version of the Mi6 in the works? Is this device so great at low light photography that it doesn’t need a flash to prove this point?

Before you jump your gun, bear in mind that what we’ve put forth is nothing but a theory. But Xiaomi doesn’t just make average devices and strives for innovation as mentioned above, so this theory could possibly be true.

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However, do take all of this with a grain of salt though. For all we know, the leakster may have probably painted over the flash with a black marker, or this could even be an unreleased prototype with an altogether different moniker.

In other news, the recently announced Mi Max 2 is set to receive an all metal body, fingerprint scanner and a much larger battery.

Via: Weibo