Is Xiaomi Mi X under preparation?

This week went pretty busy with leaks and rumors around the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone, but we just stumbled upon something even more interesting — the Xiaomi Mi X1.

As per a recent leak from China, Xiaomi may be working on a new phone called Xiaomi Mi X1. Any other details on the device isn’t available yet, but Mi X1, by the name itself, sounds like a new experimental project like the Mi Mix phone from past year.

The Mi X1 could be a new kind of phone altogether or Xiaomi may rebrand an existing device to become the X. Maybe there won’t be a new Mi Mix 2 but a Mi X1, because the like and kind the Mi Mix phone is, it definitely deserves to be into the X series.

Anyway, take this news with a pinch of salt as the source behind the leak is yet to confirm its authenticity. We’ll be sure to let you know of any updates on this. Stay tuned..

Source Weibo

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