A big Galaxy S9 feature revealed [Rumor]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not yet official and rumors surrounding next year’s Galaxy S9 have already started pouring in.

Yes, you read that right. A Twitter user who goes by the moniker Eldar Murtazin claims that the Galaxy S9 will feature a modular design akin to the current Moto Z line.

He revealed in his tweet that the smartphone will get magnetic pins on the back of it which would sort of allow users to attach accessories externally.

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Eldar, however, adds that the inclusion of this feature hasn’t been confirmed or finalized just yet. So it remains to be seen if this leak holds any truth to it.

Also, we can’t vouch for the credibility of this particular rumor, so the proverbial pinch of salt is recommended.

This is not the first time we are seeing Samsung Galaxy S9 in the news. There were a couple of leaks prior to this indicating that the smartphone will come with the same 5.7-inch Infinity Display.

Source: Twitter

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