Download Android One Sprout8 Marshmallow OTA update zip, belongs to Nexian Journey One

We earlier shared the Marshmallow OTA update for Android One Sprout4 devices, and now we also have our hands on the OTA update for Android One Sprout8 devices, that we have shared below.

The update particularly belongs to Nexian Journey One, but could be usable for other Sprout8 device, which are basically 8GB storage equipped Android One devices.


  • Nexian Journey One, codename Sprout8 — Link
  • It could be working for Cherry Mobile One, Mito Impact and Evercross One X. No harm trying!

Btw, if you want TWRP flashable Marshmallow update file in zip format, then check out our page on that here.


Installing an official update doesn’t voids your device’s warranty, but it remains an unofficial procedure after all. Hence, you need to exercise caution. You only are responsible for your device and we won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

How to Install

Required: make sure the current build of your Android One device is LMY48M, otherwise the update will fail to install because LMY48M is base build for Marshmallow build MRA58K. If it’s not LMY48M, then you need to update to LMY48M first.

Step 1. Download the official Marshmallow OTA update from above.

Step 2. Connect your device to PC using a USB cable.

Step 3. Now transfer the OTA update to phone’s storage. Remember the location of it.

Step 4. Boot your device to recovery mode. (Make sure you have stock recovery (linked above in 2nd para), and not a TWRP/CWM recovery.)

  1. Disconnect the phone from PC, and then Power off it.
  2. Press and hold both volume buttons with power button until you see anything on screen. This is bootloader mode.
  3. Now, use volume button to bring Recovery menu, and then press power button to select it. You will progress towards recovery mode.
  4. Wait, you’re not there yet. You’ll see a dead Android with exclamation mark. This is no command screen. Just press and hold power button for 3 seconds and then press Volume up button once to enter recovery mode.

Step 5. In stock recovery, choose ‘install update from sdcard’.

Step 6. Now, select the OTA update file using volume buttons for navigation and power button to select a file or enter a folder. Once you select file, confirm its install and the update will start installing on your device.

Step 7. When done, you will be back to main screen of recovery. Select ‘reboot system now’ to restart your device and welcome the official Android 6.0 update from Google.

That’s it.

→ Let us know via comments section below if you need any help with this.

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  1. hey, im trying this but it failed,

    it said “this package expect the value “mi438s_prout” for “ro.product.device” on the oM partition; this value “A65_sprout.

    E:Error in /sideload/
    status 7

  2. im using evercoss A65 btw

  3. hey, im trying this but it failed,

    it said “this package expect the value “mi438s_prout” for “ro.product.device” on the oM partition; this value “A65_sprout.

    E:Error in /sideload/
    status 7

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