32 GB Nexus 7 selling at Staples, plenty of proof available

US retailer Staples is trying to ruin Google’s October 29th announcement of the 32GB storage variant of the Nexus 7, as they seem to have the 32GB model in limited stock in quite a few stores already, and while they aren’t actually selling it till the 29th, a few customers have been able to walk away with one already.

Droid Life was sent a screenshot from the 32GB model by one of their readers, who was able to exchange the 8GB model he bought on October 14th for the 32GB variant. How he did it is a mystery though, but quite a few people are reporting having gotten the 32GB model at a Staples store, so what matters is that the much talked about 32GB Nexus 7 is nearing a release very soon.

The 32GB variant, as expected, carries the same price tag as the 16GB model at $249. So, any of you going to try and get lucky at a Staples store after hearing this?