2nd Yureka Flash Sale at Amazon coming up on Jan 22, 2 PM

Second Yureka Amazon Sale

You badly wanted to buy a Yureka but you couldn’t? Well, it seems you too are among the 2,90,000 people from over 3,00,000 people who registered for Yureka but missed out as only 10,000 units were made available. But don’t fret over your fate and keep faith, as Yureka is coming back on sale, on January 22, 2 P.M., at none other than Amazon.in (obviously), who gets another chance to manage a clean, bug-free, site-down-free, Error-503-free sale, and avoid a cruel laugh from Flipkart HQs.

Amazon has already let us know how sorry it feels for glitches that increased the price to INR 12,500 from promised INR 8,999 for many users. The whole shebang of the first Yureka sale was a dirty affair, with reports also appearing about the device went selling well before official 2 P.M. timing.

Anyhow, what’s gone is gone, and we can look forward to January 22 sale. 2 P.M. Yureka is still the same marvel of a device it was on January 13, 2 P.M. to be exact. No?

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