25 Best GBA4iOS Skins: Minimal, Retro, Pink, Pokemon, And More!

One of the perks of using an emulator on your iOS app is the ability to choose custom controller skins of your choice. The best part is, you will find such a varied set of options that you will be spoilt for choice. From skins set around specific games to aesthetically pleasing ones, you can pick and switch between these skins to your heart’s content. Whether you like portrait or landscape skins, we’ve looked at a varied set of options that you can pick and choose from.

Minimal B/W

As the name suggests, Minimal will give you more screen focus than anything and if you’re looking for a distraction-free gaming experience, we suggest that you get this skin. Generally speaking though, if you’re someone who likes to switch between multiple skins, keeping this one for when you’re not in the mood for anything super fancy is a good idea.

Download Minimal B/W skin here.

Color ICE

An ICY shade that more or less replicates the original look and feel of both GBA and GB color, this skin is a great one to add to your collection of Game Boy skins. We like the retro look and the translucent shell effect that’s been thoughtfully designed as if to almost reflect the actual parts that are inside the Game Boy.

Download Color ICE skin here.


Another great GBA skin that will add a pop of color to your GBA4iOS emulator. You can also explore a few other skins for GBA in the download link.

Download Glacier skin here.


We just fell in love with this NES skin and simply had to include it on our list. A definite must-have if you like to revisit your NES days. Major credit to SkinsbySam for this beauty and design, that we can only imagine, must have been a serious labor of love.

Download NES skin here.

Golden Zelda

Remember the limited edition Gold Triforce Game Boy? This skin is reminiscent of that particular Game Boy model, especially with the Hyrule Royal Family crest that’s placed strategically on the skin. If for no other reason, get this special skin to celebrate the Legend of Zelda series.

Download Golden Zelda Edition skin here.

Mariokart 8

This Mariokart 8 skin is modern, cool, and neon. A rare gem of a skin that you must get, especially if you’re looking for Mario is a different avatar.

Download Mariokart 8 skin here.

The Great Controller

We could go on about the aesthetics of this NES themed controller and we still won’t do the artist justice for this ingenious GBA4iOS skin. Truly well-designed.

Download The Great Controller skin here.

Mushroom Overdose

The elements of gameplay such an important role don’t they? Especially the super mushrooms in Mario. This skin is still such a great mushroom-fest for those who are looking love a cute concept Mario with the perfect tribute to Mushrooms.

Download Mushroom Overdose skin here.


Admittedly, this skin does come across as a little busy, however, the gold on black effect and representation of three forces is super well done.

Download Triforce skin here.


Another tribute to elements and in case of Kirby, pink is truly a defining. This one is for the Kirby fans.

Download Kirby skin here.

Limited Edition Majoras Mask

We found this Majora’s mask limited edition skin and knew that Zelda fans out there will definitely be delighted.

Download Limited Edition Majoras Mask skin here.

Mario + Luigi

A very artsy rendition of the Mario Bros, this skin is the depiction we didn’t know we needed till we saw it.

Download Mario + Luigi skin here.


A cool concept is always welcome on this list and this skin designed by otaku-hamster is super unique as well. Definitely add this skin to your collection.

Download Matryoshka skin here.


A surprisingly sublime skin concept GBA4iOS skin that we came across, Mandelbrot, designed by fgladney is reminiscent of an anime setting from Hell Girl or equivalent design.

Download Mandelbrot skin here.

Calm Color Trigger

A pastel themed skin in shades of peach, green, and purple, Calm Color Trigger is a personal favorite for us.

Download Calm Color Trigger skin here.

4 Colors

A basic, no-nonsense, albeit well-designed skin for those who are looking for a GBA4iOS skin along these lines. Yes, we have something for everyone.

Download 4 Colors skin here.


We didn’t expect to find a wood-themed GBA4iOs skin and yet, somehow we did. It also helps that this skin is so well-designed. Major kudos to the artist.

Download Wood skin here.


Keeping in the original Nintendo design and spirit, this skin is nostalgic and simple. If you want a reminder of the old glory days when you’re using GBA4iOS, this skin will surely make you happy.

Download  Micro skin here.


A great minimal Christmas themed skin for the holidays, we figured why not add some Christmas spirit to this list as well.

Download Christmas skin here.

Pokémon specials

Well, you Gotta Catch ‘Em all and our Pokémon special set of GBA4iOS skins are no exception. We’ve set out hearts on these and think they’ll make a worthy skin on your next Pokémon adventure, whenever you plan to take one on your GBA4iOS emulator at least.

Pikachu Yellow

This list would have been incomplete without a super-adorable Pikachu skin. Fortunately, we found one that is compatible with GBA4iOS. Get that bright joyful unforgettable Pikachu yellow GBA4iOS skin and

Download Pikachu Yellow skin here.

Charizard X

More on the intense side, Charizard X is a brilliant GBA4iOS skin nonetheless and we’re sure, a delight for all Charizard fans.

Download Charizard X skin here.


A ghost Pokémon skin, but wait, a ghost Pokémon skin that is so well designed! Major shout-out to the artist behind this particular masterpiece.

Download Gengar skin here.


A skin that pays that screams Squirtle without actually showing said Pokémon gets major points from us.

Download Squirtle skin here.


The Pikachu sketch and yellow buttons make this skin another great option for all Pokémon fans.

Download Pikachu skin here.


This representation of Lucario in offensive mode is one of the best we’ve seen in GBA4iOS skins, a definite must-have.

Download Lucario portrait skin here.

A good skin plays an important role in one’s emulator, especially when you want to relive the GBA experience. While the emulator will never truly replicate the real thing,  we hope the skins on this list will make up for it in whatever little way that it can. Happy gaming!

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