10 Best legal Kodi add-ons you need to try out

The first mass-device and open-source media player created for the people was with all the good intentions. XBMC was the one and only way to make use of your original Xbox console for streaming local content to the TV, but it has evolved greatly over the years. The dark side of Kodi media player as it has grown more and more popular is the influx of copyright content being distributed without permission through Kodi add-ons.

These piracy supporting illegal add-ons have caused the reputation of Kodi to take a solid hit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great legal add-ons available. We’ve created a list of the best legal Kodi add-ons that are not only free to fetch, but will help you stay off the pirate ship and still enjoy tons of entertaining content.

1. Crackle

If Kodi is the king of media streaming players, then Crackle is the ruler of free premium entertainment, which is only getting better thanks to its acquisition by Sony Entertainment. Packed with hundreds of highly-acclaimed Hollywood movies, TV shows and now even Crackle exclusive series with big names in the industry, the service is only going to get better.

2. iPlayer WWW

The British Broadcast Channel was founded all the way back in 1922, and the BBC iPlayer service is its way of bringing the oldest telecast service into the future. Spanning across Channel 1 – 4, BBC Radio 1, CBeebies, BBC News and even more, you get it all online with the BBC iPlayer service.

While the iPlayer WWW add-on for Kodi has not been created by BBC itself, the broadcast service is free to watch in the United Kingdom. While you may need a VPN service to access shows like Top Gear and some evergreen movies like Deep Impact, the service being 100% legal and absolutely free makes it worth it.

3. SnagFilms

If you like yourself some premium quality classic movies without the added terms and conditions of a paid service, SnagFilms is just what you need. Packing popular movie titles like The Slaughter House, to lesser-known classic movies like The Corporation, SnapFilms has more than 5000 titles for you to browse through. The Kodi add-on does not come from the official source, but is legal and the genre list regularly updated too.

4. USTVNow

In a world where the pirated Kodi add-ons are dropping like flies, USTVNow has survived just because of the reason that isn’t technically illegal. This TV streaming service brings you the entertainment from American public broadcast channels, which essentially makes it an online version of your regular cable channels.

With USTVNow on your Kodi media player, you get the best entertainment shows and movies from CNN, NBC, FOX, Cartoon Network, and PBS. The service is regional-restricted to USA, so all you need is a VPN service to get you ahead of the curve and enjoy premium content for free.

5. Al Jazeera

Finding unfiltered access to the news of the Middle East and Asia has always been out of reach for the western world, until Al Jazeera English was established back in 2006 across the world. Offering a 24/7 report on the groundbreaking news across the Arab world and other remote regions, this news channel is available for free viewing on your Kodi media player.

Just most of the other popular streaming services on Kodi, this entertainment add-on is not supported directly by Al Jazeera but is still completely legal to use. Apart from exclusive shows like The Stream and Upfront, you also get a live feed of news telecast as they happen across the broadcast centers in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London, and Washington DC.

6. FilmOn Simple

Since not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on an international satellite setup with heavy monthly fees to watch channels from around the world, we have FilmOn to offer. This massive TV and movies streaming service know no boundaries, as it spans across 600 live TV channels and a whopping 45000 movies available in every language you can think of.

The FilmOn Simple add-on for Kodi brings this service to your home entertainment system, and is free to use. Although most of the premium content that is available in HD resolution needs you to pay for a subscription, you’re still offered hundreds of channels and thousands of movies for free.

7. Twitch

Just because YouTube seems like the biggest video platform does not mean it is preferred by all the content creators out there. Twitch is yet another entertainment platform created by Amazon especially for gamers to broadcast their intense sessions, and even make a quick buck while they do so.

Thanks to the support of its Kodi add-on Twitch is available for your media player for enjoying hours of intense game jams, crazy rage quits, and even some non-game related quirky content that is just too good to miss out, especially when its available for free and completely legit.

8. Food Network

For all of the food lovers out there who would just love having a 24/7 channel playing food porn on a loop, Food Network is the way to go. The channel is already available across the globe, and now you get it for free on your Kodi media player thanks to the Food Network add-on. Available is HD streaming quality from your favorite chefs like Guy Fieri, you get all the episodes, but at least a few weeks behind the live telecast.

9. YouTube

If you’re using Kodi as the default entertainment platform for your home, not having the largest hub of video entertainment simply won’t do. The YouTube add-on for Kodi brings you unfiltered access to millions of videos, ranging from independent channels to big names in the business, making the most out of this entertainment platform from Google.

10. BuzzFeed

From a viral website to becoming one of the most credible news websites and modern pop-culture centers, BuzzFeed has really evolved. Thanks to a neat Kodi add-on, you can get the best of BuzzFeed and tons of entertaining videos, some serious documentaries and everything in between. New videos are posted daily, so you always have some lighthearted content to enjoy when you switch on Kodi.

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