1.3 mil Galaxy S8 sets sold in Korea, about 11-12K per day


It’s been over a couple of months since the Galaxy S8 hit the Korean market and the smartphone is still selling like hot cakes.

Korean media, The Investor has published a new report revealing that the Galaxy S8 sales touched 1.3 million in Korea and still continuing at the same pace.

The report further goes on to say that the company sells anywhere between 11,000 to 12,000 Galaxy S8 or S8+ variants a day which is reportedly the highest as far as the Korean flagship smartphone market is concerned.

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Also, the standard Galaxy S8 alone has recorded sales over a million in just 37 days from the launch which not to mention is nearly twice as fast as its predecessors.

The report also reveals that the company’s share price has recovered well in the recent weeks. As of yesterday, i.e., June 26, 2017, Samsung’s share price “hit a record high of 2.41 million won (US$2,123).”

Samsung is apparently planning to launch a couple of new color variants namely: Blue Coral and Pink Gold sometime in July alongside the Galaxy Note Fandom Edition (aka refurbished Galaxy Note 7) to maintain the sales momentum.

Source: The Investor 

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