Your Wi-Fi Router Can Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet via a Firmware Update


The researchers at the University of Washington have come up with the discovery of a new technology. This new technology will let a Wi-Fi router to charge many devices including the iPhones and Android smartphones. The Wi-Fi routers can charge the batteries from a distance of 28 feet and still provide access to the internet.

The process requires a router and a few sensors that can covert the RF power transmitted by the router into DC power that will charge the batteries. The software of the router will be changed slightly with the help of a firmware update, and this will help the router send the necessary power to the device without compromising on its ability to connect to the internet.


The researchers made this discovery by setting up six Asus RT-AC68U in different homes. An older model of a router was used and the firmware update let the routers charge the smartphone battery. While testing, there was no issue with the internet service due to the charging activity by the router. In fact, a tester has stated that the internet speed has increased ever since the testing started.

A start-up company is interested and able to turn all the hard work and efforts taken by the researchers. A product made by the firm called Energous sells a device that will send out RF power via the air. Unlike this technology discovered by the researchers at the University of Washington, the Energous device will not send out power and data simultaneously. However, the new technology needs more testing before it is made available to the public.

Source: Wired, Via: BGR