Your Faulty Pixel device could make you $500 richer

If you happen to be a Google Pixel or Pixel XL owner, you could be eligible for receiving up to $500 from Google.

In May 2019, the American tech giant agreed to pay $7.25 million as settlement for a class-action lawsuit by Pixel owners, who accused the company of selling Pixel devices with a defect that lead to speakerphone or microphone failures.

If you have been struggling with a microphone/speakerphone issue on your original Pixel or Pixel 4 (manufactured before January 4, 2017), you could be heavily compensated for pointing out the flaw. Only by submitting proof of the issue, you could get up to $350. If you have suffered the issue on multiple devices and can present the proper documentation, Google could be forced to pay up to $500.

As per Android Central, users, who haven’t encountered the problem or can’t prove it, will be paid up to $20 by Google. The company will also give a refund to the users who paid an insurance deductible to get their device replaced.

The court will hold a hearing on December 6, 2019, to give the verdict whether to approve the settlement. You can submit your claim until October 7, 2019. However, if you’re thinking of submitting a standard claim, it’s best to do it as early as possible, as only 25% of the total settlement fund ($7.25 million) has been set aside for standard claims.

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