Pinch-to-zoom coming to Gmail App in Android 4.2, as also swipe to archive/delete feature!


The official Gmail app in the next version of Android OS – 4.2, is supposedly getting some slick, new features. The friendly folks over at Android Police may have somehow managed to get hold of an unreleased version of the Gmail for Android app, and have been playing with it since. It is possible that this version may have been extracted from an LG Nexus system dump, but let’s not get into that at the moment.

It looks like finally, Gmail will have pinch-to-zoom on Android. It has been a highly requested for feature, and has attracted over 1600 stars on the Android bug tracker. Another nifty feature that would be included is the Swipe to delete/archive – similar to the way it works on the native iOS email client, and for those of you who haven’t used an iOS device yet, I can tell you that the swipe to delete feature is pretty cool.

A third new feature is also added, maybe not as exciting as the first two, but important nevertheless. Users will have the ability to report a message as phishing. And additional option for Report as Phishing has been added to the message menu.

Check out this short video to see the Pinch-to-Zoom and Swipe to Delete/Archive in action. The phone in the video is a Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1, so it would seem that the new Gmail features are not exclusive to Android 4.2

Android Police is not in a position to share the apk as yet, but are working on seeking the necessary permissions to do so. I for one, can’t wait to try this out. What do you think of the new Gmail features?

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