Wireless Charging in Galaxy S3?

With all the rumors and news regarding the Galaxy S3 that are coming in, it’s making the wait for the flagship smartphone of Samsung’s really unbearable. The latest in a series of such updates is that the Galaxy S3 will include wireless charging technology. That’s right, wireless charging, something that hasn’t yet seen widespread adoption, but the Galaxy S3 will supposedly be the first device ever to employ it as a standard feature.

Current wireless charging methods need the device to almost touch the charging pad in order to work, but Samsung’s patented technology will apparently be able to charge the device even 1 to 2 meters away. The entire charging mechanism will be built into the Galaxy S3’s back (which will be made of ceramic as confirmed earlier). Now, wireless charging that doesn’t even require the phone to be in contact with the charger is something we’ll only believe when we see it with our own eyes.

So, what do you think? Did the Galaxy S3 just become even more amazing in your eyes, or do you think this is just a rumor and won’t ever see the light of day? Well, let us know in the comments. After you’ve stopped drooling, that is.