Wireless Charging coming soon to Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2?

One of the biggest hypes surrounding Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was about to be introduced to the markets was its claim to provide wireless charging solution. What was promised by the Samsung Galaxy S3 team during the early months of 2012 seems to bear fruition as the year draws to a close.

Samsung electro-mechanics have launched the mass production of an extremely thin wireless charging module for mobile devices! The charging coil is 40% thinner as compared to earlier and is a snug fit on the inside of the battery cover. This gives the Samsung team the freedom to launch size zero phones!

From their existing array of models it is difficult to pick and choose which one should benefit from this distinct advantage. Two of their latest launches Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are strong contenders for this upgradation. Unless of course Samsung decides to surprise us once again by introducing a completely new Samsung Galaxy S4 which flaunts the wireless charging facility with flair!

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