Will ’90 Day Fiancé’ still be on TLC?

The launch of the new Discovery Plus streaming service earlier this week comes with a cornucopia of 90 Day Fiancé content. All of Discovery Inc. networks have been heavily promoting the new streaming service, hoping to pull in viewers to subscribe. Since Discovery Plus houses all of Discovery Inc’s catalog, many Discovery aficionados wouldn’t mind the $5 per month (or $7, considering which subscription you get) that they have to spend to access some 55,000 odd episodes of reality TV, including 30 new reality shows that are not available on cable.

So will fans still be able to watch 90 Day Fiance on TLC? Or is everything up in smoke for them now that the 90 Day Fiance universe is available through a Discovery Plus subscription? All this and much more up ahead.

Discovery Plus taking away ’90 Day Fiancé’ from TLC?

90 Day Fiance is, without a doubt, a favorite amongst fans, bringing such vigor and fandom that no other TLC show has been able to generate. But some 90 Day Fiance fans are upset over the fact that their favorite show is being migrated to Discovery Plus. The move hasn’t afforded Discovery Plus the reception that they would be hoping for, and fans have expressed their views with no holes barred, especially considering that many 90 Day spin-offs are only available on Discovery Plus.

It is clear that Discovery wants its content to be available to anyone that’s willing to purchase a subscription. In a bid to enter the streaming wars and get a piece of the on-demand pie, Discovery has copied the Disney+ and Apple TV+ model of creating content that is exclusive to their streaming service. This includes the new 90 Day Fiance spin-offs that fans were clearly not hoping for.

So, yes. The new additions to the 90 Day Universe won’t be available on TLC. Fans would have to purchase a Discovery Plus subscription if they want to stay updated with all the nail-biting drama and scandals that make the show so addictive.

Can we still watch ’90 Day Fiancé’ on TLC?’

Not all is lost though. Fans can still revisit their favorite 90 Day Fiance episodes, clips, and much more on TLC. That is, all the content that is already out. That means no new Pillow Talk or Tell-All episodes on TLC. If they want to watch any more 90 Day Fiance content, including the new spin-offs, they will have to follow the show and get on Discovery Plus. Although it may not be exactly what fans were wishing for, they will have to contend with the decision.

New ’90 day’ spin-offs (only on Discovery Plus)

Though fans have been keeping tabs on which additional ‘90 Day’ shows are in the pipeline, those who are not aware, here’s what they can expect from the new shows. Do note that all these new shows are available only on Discovery Plus.

90 Day Bares All

90 Day Bares All will focus on Shaun Robinson encouraging couples to spew and reveal information in the uncensored way that only Robinson can, replete with all the exclusive and uncensored footage that fans would be itching to see.

90 Day Diaries

Couples and ex-participants document their lives through the Coronavirus pandemic, completely unfiltered and without the glitz and glamor of production and social media. A must watch for any 90 Day fan looking to get entertained with the challenges that the couples have had to face in these trying times.

90 Day Journey

A complete collection of 90 Day Fiance stories for fans that want to hit the rewind button on their favorite couples’ stories and their journy through the show. Made up of multiple mini-series, showcasing every single scene that the most beloved couples have been in.

The Other Way Strikes Back!

A fresh and unique perspective on the lives of couples that fans have come to know and love, including the details that the camera missed, covering some of the sassiest and cringiest moments of the second season of ‘The Other Way’.

If you feel the above spin-offs are worth a watch, then getting a Discovery subscription is definitely worth the money. The 90 Day universe has dominated the ratings for quite some time now, and though fans haven’t really appreciated its move to Discovery Plus, we know that that won’t stop them from getting to know their favorite couples more intimately.

What are your views on the new Discovery Plus streaming service? Are you stoked to get all of Discovery’s content under a single roof, or do you think fans have been done a great disservice? Let us know in the comments below. 

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