White Nexus 4 confirmed, releasing on Dec. 13 in UK

We saw an image of a white Nexus 4 appear a few days back, and before that we saw Carphone Warehouse mention a white Nexus 4 in their inventory listing, giving all those fans of white phones a shimmer of hope of seeing Google’s latest Nexus smartphone in their color of choice.

Now, Carphone Warehouse’s sister company TalkTalk is listing the white Nexus 4 on their website as well. The listing, as you can see, says ‘Nexus 4 by LG White + Nexus 7 Tablet’, available for a £30 per month plan for existing customers, and this pretty much confirms that the white Nexus 4 is indeed real and in the works.

Both the white Nexus 4 and the accompanying Nexus 7 are currently available for pre-order, with a release date mentioned as December 13th. So anyone looking to buy a white Nexus 4 won’t have to wait too long. Hopefully.