What is Sony 3D Creator and how it works

Sony 3D Creator

Sony has just unveiled two of its flagship smartphones, the Sony Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact. Along with the smartphones, the company has also introduced a new 3D scanning app called 3D Creator.

As the name itself suggests, Sony’s 3D Creator app allows you to shoot three-dimensional scans of a face, head, food or any other object you intend to capture.

You can then upload those 3D renderings of an object on social media, or make them your phone’s wallpaper, use it in a GIF, Sticker or even better, print them via a 3D printer.

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Users don’t need any scanner or Wi-Fi connection to capture a 3D image on your Xperia XZ1 or the XZ1 Compact. You can simply scan an object within 15-60 seconds with either of the phones.

The 3D Creator app also comes with useful tips to help you make better 3D creations. Sony has also released a video demonstrating the feature which can be found below.

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