Verizon releases new updates for LG G6, LG K20, Galaxy J3 Mission and J3 Eclipse

Software updates keep devices refreshed with new features, bug fixes, security updates, and performance optimizations. But with aging and budget devices like the LG G6, LG K20, Galaxy J3 Mission and Galaxy J3 Eclipse, these updates are not as regular, which makes their arrival at any given moment an exciting thing for users.

If you own any of these four handsets on Verizon Wireless, the carrier has a new update for you rolling out right now. By virtue of being an aging flagship, the LG G6 is the only one receiving this month’s Android security patches. As for the other three, you’ll make do with January 2019 security patches, which is still okay for such entry-level handsets.

For the G6 users, the update is arriving as version VS98820g while those using the LG K20 should watch out for version VS5011CA. The Galaxy J3 duo is receiving build number BSA1 and like the rest, the rollout is airborne, meaning it will take a few days to arrive on all handsets.

Since the LG K20 got the nod last week, it’s likely that most people have already received the download notification. As for the LG G6 and the Galaxy J3 pair, the rollout has just begun and could go all the way to early next week.

We don’t have the specific file sizes for these four updates, so to be safe, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network to download the update. Also make sure the battery capacity is at least 50% before you proceed, otherwise, connect to a power source during the entire time of upgrading the software.


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