Verizon Galaxy S6 / S6 edge 5.1.1 OTA update [OG5] rolling out, includes Stagefright Fix

Verizon Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are now finally receiving the much awaited Android 5.1.1 OTA update along with a patch for the Stagefright vulnerability. The updates are coming with build number G920VVRU3BOG5 for the Galaxy S6 and G925VVRU3BOG5 for the S6 edge.

The update has a handful lot of bug fixes and a new feature called “Caller Name ID” that let’s you identify names of unknown callers on your Call log. Check out the full changelog of Verizon S6 / S6 edge 5.1.1 update below:

Caller Name ID now works if you have Advanced Calling enabled on your device. With Caller Name ID, you can:

  • Identify unknown callers so you can easily screen calls
  • See identified caller names in your call log
  • Easily add new callers to contacts
  • Choose what people see when you call them with Picture ME

Other Enhancements:

  • Upgrade to Android OS 5.1.1
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes ‘Contacts has stopped’ would pop up
  • Fixed a no service condition when traveling to Puerto Rico
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Mobile Data icon would disappear from the Quick Panel
  • Made improvements to auto-correction and predictive text in native keypad

The update is already rolling out as we speak and since it comes with a patch for Stagefright vulnerability, we’d strongly recommend you to install this OTA update as soon as you can.

As for your concerns of root access, well yes, Android 5.1.1 update will break root access on your Verizon S6 and S6 edge just like it did on other variants of the device. Also, our beloved Ping Pong Root doesn’t works on 5.1.1 builds so (as of now) you will be left with no option to root your device you install the 5.1.1 update. And worse, you won’t even be able to downgrade back to 5.0.2 build once you’re on 5.1.1.

If root is something you dearly care about, then you might want to wait for a few days or until someone knowledgeable from the community finds a safe way to update to 5.1.1 without losing root access. It is possible, so it’ll be worth waiting for it.

via The Android Soul

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