Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Release Date and Price Leaked

Verizon Galaxy Note Edge Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was one of the most refreshing design of 2014, however the device was only available on three of the four major carriers in the United States, leaving Verizon customers out of the block. Well, thanks to an anonymous tipster, Phandroid has just revealed that the Galaxy Note Edge will be coming to Verizon as soon as this Thursday, January 8th.

The Verizon Galaxy Note Edge price is said to be $399 on a 2-year contract and $799 without contract. The pricing is lower than Sprint and T-Mobile who are offering the device at $429 on 2-year contract and $870 without contract, respectively. However, the 2-year contract price of Verizon Note Edge competes directly with AT&T’s 2-year contract price, $399.

Although the image above could be faked, but Phandroid claims that it comes from a trusted source. Also, January 8th is only about 3 days from today so it’s easy bear the impatience you might be developing.

via Phandroid

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