Is $199 the Price of Verizon Galaxy Nexus on 2 Year Contract?

We say this because online ads touting the Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus at $199 price point with a 2 year contract signing required, began appearing on some android websites. But it had no links to follow up the deal and because $199 launch price isn’t very much in fashion these days — Verizon’s both recent phones, HTC Rezound and Droid Razr, sell for $299 on 2 yr contract deal — we doubt it was just an old forgotten deal, meant for Black Friday, prepared and agreed in advance at the time when Verizon was planning to launch the Google’s new baby in November.

But now that the Galaxy Nexus hasn’t launched at all — which it will in December, as Samsung said — this deal was a no-go, and maybe ads were still pushed because of some pre-contract no-refund thing not getting sort out.

But this theory might be completely flawed too and it could still turn out to be true deal once the Galaxy Nexus launches. We wouldn’t be surprised by that, either, because you still have android’s greatest competitor, iPhone 4S (lowest model) selling for $199 on a 2 yr contract. And anyway, $199 doesn’t look like a Black Friday deal, should have been $99 or less, for that.

So, if Verizon is looking to push Galaxy Nexus, the $199 pricing is a good step to sell what is already considered as world’s best phone — not just an android phone — by many tech pundits. Watchu say, isn’t it the right price, after all?

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