This is the HTC U12 [Leak]

HTC U12 leak

A good number of flagship phones will be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2018 event, but the much-anticipated HTC U12 will not be on the list.

As the name suggests, this is the successor to the HTC U11, a largely underrated smartphone that has set the trend for Google Pixel 2, at least with respect to the squeezable edges. Given the U11 was unveiled in May 2017, it’s only right that we are starting to see leaks and speculations regarding its successor, the U12.

Well, we now have what are the first real images of the HTC U12 thanks to Evan Blass. During the Taiwan 5G Industry Alliance – Chunghwa Telecom Pilot Team meeting held late last month, HTC brought a yet to be announced smartphone to be used for testing purposes. Apparently, this phone is actually the U12.

From the tests, we can see that the alleged HTC U12 was able to manage download speeds of 809.58 Mbps and upload speeds of 49.87 Mbps. The images also suggest that HTC is planning a redesigned U12 with minimal bezels, perhaps similar to the impressive HTC U11+. There’s no visible fingerprint scanner on the front or even on the back, which could also imply that HTC is going for Face Unlock or in-display fingerprint scanning technology.


It’s obvious that these images are those of a product that is far from completion, which means the HTC U12 may also launch as a completely different device.

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