There’s no Galaxy S8 mini in the works, says a Samsung employee

There have been multiple reports in the recent past, all suggesting that Samsung will be launching a new mini version of the Galaxy S8, for folks who find phones with bigger displays intimidating.

That, however, may not be true, if this new leak is believed to be legit. A Chinese tipster who goes by the username @mmddj_china on Twitter claims that the Galaxy S8 mini doesn’t exist according to a Samsung engineer.

Now, we can’t verify the authenticity of the leak. And as much as we love to see a mini variant of the Galaxy S8, it pretty much makes sense for the company to not release a watered-down version considering its history with the mini variants in the past.

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Even from the business point of view, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are already doing very good in almost all the markets they have released and there’s no point in releasing a new variant especially when the Galaxy Note Fan Edition and the Galaxy Note 8’s launches are around the corner.

But again, nothing’s for certain now. And we may (or may not) see a Galaxy S8 mini. So, take this piece with a pinch of salt

Source: Twitter

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