The Lollipop update for the Note 2 may come out only in selected markets, says Samsung Denmark

There has been quite a bit of confusion on whether the Galaxy Note 2 will receive the lollipop update or not. The subject has received both yays and nays — depending upon which regional arm of Samsung you were listening too — with Samsung Gulf saying that the Note 2 will not be among devices receiving the Lollipop update whereas the Spain branch of the company claimed that it will.

However, we have yet another report from Samsung Denmark which would lead us to believe that the updates will be received on a selective basis. That is, while devices in certain regions will receive the update, others wont.

According to a  recent tweet by the Danish Samsung’s twitter account “Hi! Each market has their own updates so it can vary from market to market. Danish Note 2s (CSC code: NEE) will get Lollipop.” 

Which however does little to clear up the confusion. It seems like we will just have to wait for an official statement from Samsung, which we hope will clarify which regions will receive the Note 2 update and which wont. Until then, stay tuned as we bring you news and tidbits on all things Android.

Source: SamMobile