SystemPanel 2 Android app gets an update with plenty of new features

Update [June 16, 2017]: The latest update bearing version number 2 2.0.b9 introduces new “Wakelocks” tab and plots of measured metric for CPU, Battery, and Wakelocks sections. Read our detailed post here.

Update [March 31, 2017]: The update to version 2.0.b7 now brings Android O support, albeit in the preliminary stages. The UI is also a shade darker than before and a system load indicator has been added. This update also brings in additional home screen widgets which include battery status, battery history, battery consumption history, processor usage history and storage status.

SystemPanel for Android is a very useful app that lets you see everything that goes on in the background of your smartphone. The newer SystemPanel 2 app recently got a new update with plenty of new features and improvements.

The app doesn’t improve your device’s performance, but instead, it tells you what exactly has been slowing it down or eating up battery. You can also check storage information, remove and install apps, and more.

If your device is rooted, the app can do even more. On a rooted device, the app can disable system apps and individual services belonging to any app.

In the latest update, which is version 2.0.b5, the app shows active apps in the history view and it will now show the top 5, instead of 3. There’s a new Usage section on the app’s home screen that shows the most used apps and their usage information. The installed app section now has three categories, namely, “interactive”, “internal”, and “disabled.”

SystemPanel 2 is a free download from the Play Store, but more features can be added via in-app purchases.

Download SystemPanel 2 from Play Store

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