Sync notification dismissals across all your devices with Notifly app

Most of us own multiple Android devices, the most common combination being a phone and a tablet. We use same accounts, logins on all of our devices to feel at home with any or all the devices we own. However, it starts to get annoying when you have to view same notifications again that you already checked out on your other device. And that’s where the Notifly app proves of help. Notifly syncs your notification dismissals across all your devices so that you don’t have to see them twice.

For example, you see 5 news updates from TOI app and some 20 WhatsApp messages and some notifications from some other apps as well. These notifications may be of use or maybe not, and in case they are useful, they won’t be once you’ve read them. But you’ll still see them on your other devices and you’re going to clear them one by one so that you don’t miss some other important notification which might be hidden somewhere between those notifications. In such a messed up scenario, Notifly will prove of great help by syncing the notifications you’ve already seen across all your devices, so that you see only the new and fresh notifications always.

As an added feature, Notifly also lets you exclude apps for which you don’t want to sync notification dismissals. Other then that the app is pretty barebone and does the job simply by installing it on your device. Notifly uses your Google account to sync notification dismissals so there’s no need to install it on every device you own. Just install it on the device that you use the most and your notifications will be in sync on all your devices.

Notifly is available for free on the Play store (linked below) and is compatible with Android 4.3 and above versions.

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