The best Inbox alternative is set for release today!

Smark Mail Android App

Google had decided to pull the plug of its “revolutionary” e-mail experience, Inbox and the time for it to happen is here. The service aimed at providing a better e-mail experience with completely redesigned user-interface and nifty features to declutter our inboxes! While it was not a complete success, it did gain a healthy fan base over time.

If you’re like us, who is disheartened by the discontinuation of Google Inbox and is looking for a good alternative app with features akin to Inbox’s, you will be happy to learn that there exists a decent app with some of the best Inbox features in tow.

That app is called Spark Mail, but while it wasn’t available on Android till now, there’s some good news on that front.

While it was already teased that this service will get a footing on the Android market, a tweet last night from the app’s official Twitter account confirmed the release of Spark Mail Android app for today, at April, at 8 AM EST (that’s 12 PM GST), just hours before Inbox says goodbye.

Spark Mail has been present with a healthy user-base on iOS and Mac platforms for quite some time now.

The features Spark Mail offers are pretty close to Inbox’s, like snoozing emails, reminders, “smart” search, pinning emails, and team features. In place of Inbox’s signature bundling feature, it offers ‘Smart Inbox’ with ‘Smart Notifications’ which has a reputation of working quite efficiently.

So, if you’re missing the Inbox experience, it is probably a good idea to check out Spark Mail. The company even explains on its website why it’s the best alternative to Inbox.

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