Sony puts hold on sales of Xperia Tablet S in US after discovering defect, over 100,000 already sold

Before you dip that new Xperia Tablet S of yours in water to test its water resistance, stop! It turns out that due to a defect in the manufacturing process at the Chinese plant where the device is fabricated, some of the Xperia Tablet S have a gap between the screen and the case, making them susceptible to water damage.

Sony has currently halted all sales of the tablet till the problem can be resolved. Around 100,000 Xperia Tablet S have already been shipped since its release in early September, and Sony has announced that they will fix any tablet that has already been sold.

While this isn’t going to cause a serious problem unless someone willingly puts their Xperia Tablet S in water, it’s still a matter of concern since the tablet is marketed as being water-resistant. For now, make sure you keep your Xperia Tablet S away from anything in the liquid form, and also head to the nearest Sony repair center to turn it in for repairs.