Sonic Runners Android app to be launched on June 25

sonic runners

Sonic Runners is all set to be launched on iOS and Android platforms on June 25. The game title is a never-ending runner game that takes the players to the classic period of the blue hedgehog.

The game has been official for a few months, but only in Japan and Canada for testing reasons. On Thursday, the Sonic Runners will be launched officially on a global scale with an update. This has been confirmed by SEGA.

The Sonic Team has opted for the 2D experience of the game and it features the classic trilogy of Sonic games including Sonic, Trails and Knuckles. The players will be racing all through the environment collecting gems and rings and avoiding the badniks.

The Sonic Runners has been confirmed to be a free title, and so we can expect in-app purchases once it launches. We know that millions of Sonic fans will be waiting to grab hold of this game title to be launched so as to download it on their device.

Notably, SEGA recently commemorated 100 million downloads of the Sonic Dash game title. This makes it clear that it is the right time that it is launching the Sonic Runners.

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