Samsung Gear S3 Classic set to release soon at verizon, clears FCC

Samsung Gear S3 Classic set to release soon at verizon, clears FCC

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic with the model number SM-R775V has cleared the FCC certification suggesting that its launch is not far away. Considering Samsung’s usual naming convention, the ‘V’ at the end of the model number should be a pointer to indicate the fact that it will be launched at Verizon.

The Gear S3 Classic with the same model number alongside another one bearing model number SM-R775T was spotted paying a visit to Wi-Fi Alliance last month. As we reported earlier, the smartwatch in question should be the LTE variant of the Gear S3 Classic.

Having used the Samsung Gear S3 Classic, I found it to be arguably one of the best implementations of a smartwatch yet. Also, Samsung’s efforts on Tizen OS were quite evident. The OS, in comparison to the one on its predecessor, was nicely optimized and I must say I faced no issues whatsoever with the Gear S3 Classic.

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Also, the build quality was great on the previous model, and its design can almost fool you to perceive it as a regular watch. Speaking of design, the new Gear S3 Classic with support for LTE, in all its likelihood, should retain a similar design language. At this point, the smartwatch’s launch date is unknown. But what we do know is the fact that it won’t take long until it’s made official.

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