Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Deal: Get free Noris Digital Pencil for free for limited time

In US, Samsung is currently offering the new Noris Digital Pencil free with Galaxy Tab S3. You get the Tab S3 and Noris Digital Pencil for $599.99. For the unaware, Noris Digital Pencil is originally priced at $44.99. So, yep if you buy the Tab before 1st July, you save $44.99.

Interestingly, the deal is also available on Galaxy Book tablet, which run on Windows OS. While the 10.6-inch tablet costs $629.99, the 12 inch (4GB RAM) costs $1,129.99 including the free Noris Digital Pencil.

At the MWC 2017, Samsung announced two new tablets, Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book. Both the tablets supported normal S-Pen.

However, Samsung surprised its fans by introducing a new accessory in the form of a stylus. Samsung in collaboration with Staedtler announced a new stylus for the newly launched tablets that goes by the moniker Noris Digital Pencil.

In terms of functionality, the new Pencil is same as the normal S-pen, however, it differs in the design. The Noris Digital Pencil looks like a standard real Staedtler pencil but with the features and properties of S-Pen.

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