Samsung Galaxy S9+ users experiencing performance lags after June security patch

Software updates can be one of the best things to receive on your phone, but at times they can also turn out to be your worst nightmare. Although one of the best, if not the best smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has had its own downsides since coming to market a few months ago and apparently, there’s another problem.

Multiple users of the Galaxy S9+ are reporting a massive lag in performance since updating to the June 2018 security patch a few weeks ago. Since installing the June patch, some users of the S9+ say the phone has become slow. While solutions like wiping the cache partition, reboots and other optimizations help solve the problem, they are only but temporary fixes because the slowdowns re-appear after a while.


Apparently, some users say resetting the device after installing the June patch helps fix the problem permanently, but for those who haven’t found a fix yet, we look forward to one coming in via the July 2018 patch update. We haven’t noticed such lags on our S9+ unit that’s installed with June patch, meaning this is not something every owner of the phone is experiencing.

Global users of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ started receiving the July 2018 patch a few days ago and we expect the same to arrive on the U.S. unlocked and carrier variants in the coming days, probably this week.

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