Samsung Galaxy S8 to S8 Plus production ratio is whopping 3:7 or 4:6 [Rumor]


According to the latest rumor from China, Samsung would make more Galaxy S8 Plus models than the regular Galaxy S8. The rumor suggests that the production ratio of Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus is around 3:7. We suggest you take this with a pinch of salt.

This means that Samsung would be making about 2.3 times more Galaxy S8 Plus models than the standard S8. Perhaps the Korean giant believes that people would prefer buying the larger S8 Plus. Maybe it has some features that the S8 doesn’t have.

The Galaxy S8 Plus has been rumored to have a larger 6.2 inch Quad HD display and the Snapdragon 835 processor. It is also said to have Home button at the front, and a dual camera system at the back. It is possible that Samsung hopes that the dual camera, larger screen, and a larger battery would make consumers prefer this over the S8.

We will have to wait for a few more weeks to find out if this is true. Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S8 in the month of March. The S8 and the S8 Plus would have almost identical internals, except for the battery capacity and RAM. On the outside, the dual camera system and larger display on the S8 Plus would be the differentiating factor.

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