Galaxy S8 LineageOS ROM v14.1 released unofficially for model no. G950F/FD

Ever wondered how the pure stock UI of Android OS would look like on that gorgeous display on your Galaxy S8? Well, you can give the stock Android UI a run on your S8, thanks to LineageOS ROM becoming available now for your device.

This is LineageOS 14.1 BTW, running Android 7.1.2 OS underneath — as against the now popular LineageOS 15 ROM that brings Android Oreo to your device. Also, know that this is not an official build from the LineageOS team.

First things first, though: As of October 05, 2017, the ROM is in a very alpha condition. Most of the important features aren’t working, like touch, calls, messages, camera, etc. So, it is practically unusable.

But we’ve seen AOSP ROMs for popular Samsung devices arrive like this at first, only to be fixed for these issues in a few weeks — or, months — time to get nearly everything working well. Right now, the ROM boots up alright on your Galaxy S8. Bu that’s that.

The ROM is compatible only with the Galaxy S8 devices that come as either of model no. SM-G950F, or SM-G950FD. So do not try this on any Galaxy S8 with a different model no. than this.

As the ROM should get better over time, check out the ROM’s development page here to find the latest download links and changelog, which details out what is working and what’s not working with the ROM at given date.

Samsung is said to be working on Galaxy S8 Oreo update for long now, and even though an Android 8.0 beta program is yet to be announced which would let users register their S8 to receive Oreo early as beta build, we think we are close to see that happen.

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