Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Special Edition announced, comes with a smart cover designed by 99 Avant

99 avant galaxy note 8

Samsung will be selling a new special edition Galaxy Note 8 in collaboration with 99 Avant, a digital art brand from Korea. The phone will most likely be exclusive to South Korea.

This Galaxy Note 8 Special Edition will not include any design changes as such, but 99 Avant will provide a special case with Tiger the Guardian number 8 artwork by artist Han Seung-woo. The phone would also come with a digital artwork with 99 unique numbers that you could hang on a wall. The artists says;

I made this work considering the characteristics of Galaxy Note 8 and the artistic inspiration that can be given to the user. I was worried about symbolic and artistic devices that could give a good aura to users.

Apparently, 99 Avant sells artwork in a limited number of 99 pieces, so the artwork that comes with the phone will be very rare. The Smart Cover will also change the Samsung Experience theme on the Note 8, which include new wallpapers, icons, and a themed always-on display.

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Samsung will be selling this special edition Note 8 for a price of 1,991,000 won and it will only be available with 256GB of internal storage and in midnight black color. The pricing is obviously higher than that of the standard 256GB variant, which costs 1,254,000 won. So yes, this is certainly a very special Galaxy Note 8.

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