Samsung Eyeing WebOS? Can the Company Create an Android and iOS Competitor Out Of Dead OS?

The latest rumor about Samsung is this: the company is planning to buy WebOS, a touchscreen based OS for mobiles, made by Palm which currently belongs to HP, and is dead now. We had heard about Samsung’s interest in HP’s PC segment, which was blatantly rejected by Samsung via an official announcement, but this is different and makes sense too, strangely.

We all know, agree and bow by the Samsung’s prowess in hardware segment. The Super AMOLED Display and Samsung’s dual-core Exynos processor are world’s best and the phone housing them, the Galaxy S 2, is too.

But that’s not sufficient to compete in today’s fierce tech world, and Samsung knows that — the leak from company’s internal board meeting earlier mentioned that members agreed to the fact that they need to improve on software front too, and that hardware efficiency isn’t enough to compete with the likes of Apple, etc. Which is right. Remove Android from the Samsung’s equation of huge success of Galaxy series of phones, and company loses it all soon.

We also heard that the after the Google purchased Motorola for reportedly $12.5 billion, the Korean government has now told its tech giants, Samsung and LG, to plan to avoid Android as their mainstream OS in the future, and instead, develop their own OS. Maybe, it also mentioned purchasing one, eh!

WebOS, until HP confirmed recently tat it’s not interested in its development anymore, was a living OS. It was able to get some good reviews too from its users who also rue that the WebOS never got a powerful hardware to become a success it deserved. We can’t say more on that, but if Samsung plans to overhaul WebOS after buying it, it isn’t impossible to create a Android competitor out of it, same for iOS, too. In fact, Samsung even hired the CyanogenMod Android custom ROM developer recently and that shows that company is serious about developing on software front.

What’s more, if it purchases the dead WebOS, put CM7 maker on it along with a team — maybe even buying the MIUI team, who knows — they get a full creative team working for them a team that has already proven to be people’s favorite for their work — both MIUI and CM7 dominate the custom ROM market like no else. And then there is Samsung own incredible software team that pushes the updates before any other manufacturer could do, and made this awesome TouchWiz 4 custom UI, too — which is better than HTC;s Sense, Motorola’s MotoBlur, and other UIs of SE, LG, etc.

What do you think? Can Samsung make its own OS, capable of competing with Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc., with a team consisting of CM7 maker, MIUI guys and Samsung’s own software team? opine in the comments below.

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