Sad Santa in Android’s Emoji keyboard?

With the holiday season a night away, Google has been making all the right moves insofar in keeping with the spirit. The heartwarming video released earlier, and the cute holiday cards, and not to mention the incredible demand that that the latest Nexus devices have enjoyed, sure to seem to point towards the happy mood that Google is likely to be in.

However, the Emoji keyboard on Android 4.2.1 seems to be singing a different tune. For those not familiar with Emoji, it is a plugin to your Android keyboard which allows for a wide range of emoticons to be used, which are otherwise not available in the standard keyboard.

While there is no doubt that the new Android 4.2.1 keyboard is just awesome, the Emoji Santa icon when added via the latest keyboard seems to make Santa look like he is frowning. Now we are all used to associating a Santa emoticon with a happy, smiling look. A frown, or a sad look certainly does not go with the spirit of the season, especially not at a time when everything seems to be going just the right way for Android.

This is clearly a bug, which was discovered a couple of days ago by an Android user who reported it along with a suggested replacement Emoji icon that shows a much jollier Santa. After all, a grumpy Santa is the last thing we want to see right now.

The Grumpy Santa bug, as mentioned earlier, has already been logged with Google, and like with the missing December bug which it fixed rapidly, we hope to see Google getting that big smile back on Emoji Santa’s face soon enough. After all, all it should take is curving a couple of ends upwards, eh?

Via The Verge |  Source Google Code

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