Leak: Samsung Galaxy S12 could have revolutionary battery tech

Over the last decade, we have seen jaw-dropping advancements in pretty much every area of the smartphone industry. We now faster processors, bigger storage, sharper screens, and great reduction in the devices’ overall footprint.

However, there’s one particular section that, so far, hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves — battery tech. The weight has been reduced, and the units are more compact than ever, but we haven’t had a breakthrough in a long while.

But if Hexus’ report is to be believed, that is about to change thanks to Samsung’s timely intervention. In 2015, the company claimed it could potentially double the life of Li-ion batteries using graphene cathodes. Two years later, in 2017, the company revealed its graphene ball battery technology, which could ideally allow 5x charging speeds and a 45% increase in capacity.

Famous leakster, Evan Blass, has Tweeted that the company is working to implement the battery tech in its Galaxy smartphones by 2021.

Blass has also claimed the graphene battery will be “capable of a full charge in under a half-hour,” and Samsung is working to make the technology cost-effective. As the feature’s still in development, it’s unlikely that the company will implement the technology in the Galaxy S11. So, unless the South Koreans get adventurous with the Note 11 / A-series devices, we could expect to see something special in the Galaxy S12.


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