Rumor compass sets in motion again, points to a thinner, sleeker Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S series has undoubtedly spawned more rumored-but-never-surfaced phones than almost any other series. Recently, the market was rife with news of the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. No one was sure if and when any such devices were going to surface but the recent Samsung filling that registered both these names as its own certainly puts the “if” part to rest, but while the S6 is all set for release on the 1st of march at the MWC we still do not have any info on the S6 Edge.

A series of actual design sketches have recently come up and if true, might offer the clearest look yet at the upcoming Galaxy S6.


The design sketches show a 6.91mm thick device which comes with rounded edges. A Sim tray along the side adds weight to the rumors that the S6 edge will feature a non removable battery, a fact further substantiated by the sleek device itself. Another point to those who claim that these design sketches are the real stuff comes via the placement of the flash/bio-metric sensor to the right of the rear camera which matches the case renders seen.  If these sketches are true however, we might be looking at a camera which sits just a tad bit awkwardly on the trim handset.


All in all the device looks quite similar its forerunners in the galaxy series which however goes against Samsung’s claim of building the device from scratch. This when added to the fact that the sketches come from an unknown source, does blow a hole in the authenticity of the sketches but since the internal components are just as important as external design elements, its a bit too early to decide either way.

On the spec side, the Galaxy S6 is expected to come with Samsung’s own mobile payment system, a 5.1-inch screen with 577 pixels per inch, built-in wireless charging, and a 2550 mAh battery.

Via: AndroidAuthority

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