Read It Later Android App Launched — The Best App to Save Pages for Offline Reading [Video]

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Read It later was launched on Android only hours earlier and it comes with all incredible features you would expect. It’s currently selling for just $0.99 — with the mention of 80% introductory price — which means it may soon shoot to $4.99 as regular price. So, if you use ReadItLater add-on on Firefox or ChromeItLater on Google Chrome, and want it on your android phone too, the next thing you should do is purchase the Read It Later Pro this great utility that makes surfing a hell lot convenient.


  • Add webpages to your reading list on Computer/phone and it will be available for reading — even offline — on every device that has the Read It Later tool available on it.
  • Adding the articles to your reading list is super smooth. On the given webpage, press Menu key and select “More”. now select “Share Page” and select “Add to Read It Later”. You’ll see an activity in the notification bar about the page being downloaded.
  • TIP: If you want to mark a link as “Read It Later” you even need not open that link. Just touch and hold the link for the menu to pop-up in your default browser and select “Share Link”. From the options, select “Add to Read It Later”. Incredible!
  • Pages can be tagged, obviously. But you’ll just love the cool interface for tagging. your existing tags are available for addition and all you need is one touch, rather than typing manually. it’s easy and makes total sense.
  • You can view the pages in text mode or full mode. Just click the T in the middle below to change the mode.
  • Settings allow you to choose the sync method. Select the Auto mode for worry-free syncing and availability of all your unread articles. Or if battery drain is already worry to you, select the sync interval that suits you best. Available options are: Instant, Every Hour, Twice a day, Once a day, and Never.
  • Option to save the cache files to SD Card.
  • You can specify whether to download stuff only when Wi-Fi network is available.
  • There’s more and you can catch that in the Video below.



In case you’re still wondering about WHAT “Read It Later” actually is, here’s what you need to know.

Read It later is a very famous and handy add-on on Firefox, which is available on chrome as ChromeItLater. You can get the Firefox Add-on here while Chrome Extension can be found here. Read It Later is a great tool — and a must have — for those who surf Internet a lot and want to keep track of the unread pages. Within a click or two on your desktop browser, you can save the webpage for later reading and mark the tags, etc along with that. One can even download the article to read when Internet connection is not available.

About Read It Later Firefox Add-on:

* Save pages to a reading list to read when you have time.
* Offline reading mode lets you read the items you’ve saved for later on the plane, train, or anywhere without an internet connection.
* Sync your list to all of your computers, at work or home.
* Sync your list to Read It Later apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and more.
* After reading, bookmark pages on your preferred bookmarking service or share them with friends.
* Click to Save Mode lets you quickly batch a reading list just by clicking on interesting links.
* Text view strips away images, ads, and layout from articles and presents them in an easy to consume way.
* Mozilla Extend Firefox 3 Competition Grand Prize Winner
* Featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, Apple, Lifehacker and more!

Because I’m addicted to Google Chrome browser, I use the ChromeItLater more than its Firefox counterpart. But I must say, this tool more feature rich on Firefox than chrome and works way smarter and faster on former than later.

So, let us know whether you’re purchasing it or have already made the most of the 80% discount currently offered on it.

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