8 Eighth Note – Scream Go is a new game that runs on your scream. Wait, what?

World is going crazy and the recently launched game 8 Eighth Note – Scream Go proves that. Now, why do we say that? Because the game is powered by your scream. Yes, you read that right.

TerrainDroid that has already 19 games to its credit, all rated 4-star or above, recently launched the 8 Eighth Note – Scream Go game.  It is an endless running game similar to the Temple run, but the big difference is instead of using your fingers to run, you are now supposed to use your voice, to control the movement.

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Controlled by the voice, the game shuns finger-based control. Talk softly and the player, which is an animated piano note runs softly, yell or scream and see it jump spectacularly. You have to run and jump as long as possible using your voice until you die – fall into a pit.

Some of the other voice-controlled apps that you can try are: Ah! Bird, Big Mouth Voice Control Game, Scream Go.

However, let me warn you not to play this game in public otherwise, who knows what people might think of you.

Download 8 Eighth Note – Scream Go

Do let us know what you think of the game, BTW!