Pink Galaxy S2 along with Special Edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 Announced by Samsung for Korea

Female android users! Samsung’s out there to woo you with it’s best android phone — in fact it’s still world’s best — the Galaxy SII, in pink color. If you’re in the market looking to buy an android phone for yourself, or if you’re a Hubby or a bf looking to buy something expensive for a lady close to you, here’s the best deal for you — Samsung has released pink-colored Galaxy SII in Korea.

Is Galaxy S2 still the phone to buy? Well, absolutely YES, unless you’ve your eyes set on the upcoming Samsung-made Google phone, the Galaxy Nexus. The recently released phones – Droid Razr, HTC Rezound,etc – do not fare better than the Samsung’s beast in Galaxy S II — at least that’s what the initial reviews suggest.

Other than the pink Galaxy S II, Samsung has released one more limited edition android device, which Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, tailor made to impress baseball fans while also recognizing its baseball team’s success in Korea series championship.

Note to Samsung: Well, you’re doing good, better-than-anyone-thought. Now just release that beauty called Galaxy Nexus, all around the world for everyone — we’re holding our breath for it, man!

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Baseball


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