OnePlus One owners, get ready for the CyanogenMod 12S

Ever since the Cyanogen update was announced for the OnePlus One — and more specially when it failed to arrive on the 27th of March as per schedule — the anticipation with which everyone was awaiting the arrival of the cyanogen Os 12 had reached a cresendo. Thankfully, we wont have have much longer to wait.

The main reson behind the delay as it turns out was a certification that the ROM needed from Google. However, Carl Pei, Co-Founder, OnePlus has recently announced that all the hurdles have been crossed i.e. the company has received certification from Google and is getting ready to roll out the 12S update to its costumers in the upcoming days.

The announcement, which took the form of a tweet made on April 10, said “CM12s just passed certification today. Thanks for the patience, expect rollout in the next few days.” 


If you remember, this will be the second OS update for OnePlus customers, coming on the heels of the Oxygen OS the company rolled out recently.

The Mod 12S is supposedly bringing better privacy controls along with options for calibrating the display. The company is also working on a tweaked version of the Android Lollipop 5.1 and the official CyanogenMod blog advices us to expect something along the lines from the CM 12.1 when it launches.

Source: @getpeid